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iphone wallpaper: the cutest of which you might get here! Kusanali release date, character design, lore and more.

As a fellow genshin impact player and obsesse, we all know Kusanali is dropping relatively soon (around 26th of August). She is looking amazing with her character design and her lore. Kusanali is the youngest archon of all, eldest being the Zhongli himself who is 6000 years old. According to the lore, dendro archon (god of the woods) died in the khaenri’ah war 500 years ago. Little grass queen “Kusanali” ascended to his position.

Archon Quest

Kusanali’s mention first appeared in Chapter I by Zhongli and Ganyu as the God of Wisdom. In Chapter II, Yae Miko ask the Traveler to visit Sumeru next and seek Kusanali out. Chapter III of the Teyvat Chapter Storyline will introduce Kusanali, sumeru let’s goo!

Banner schedule

We are currently in patch 2.7 of genshin impact and 2.8 is expecting a long awaited Kazuha and Yoimiya rerun, two of the most regretted characters to not pull for. Adittionally, Patch 3.0 holds the great importance. It will introduce new areas and with them, the characters. Nahida and Baizhu are probable characters. Kusanali is expected to be released in patch 3.1, around the anniversary time.

Character design

For the character design, she will be a youthful girl aged than Diona, Qiqi, and Klee but a little youngish than characters like Ayaka and Yanfei. Kusanali will carry a magical staff, have gray hair, pieces of flowers on her head, and apparel filled with flowery patterns.

Theresa Apocalypse from honkai impact. Kusanali will be identical to her.

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